You’ve booked a Spring Wedding but what flowers will be in season? 

As Winter fades, Spring brings the much-needed hope & anticipation; it’s definitely my favourite season, especially for the flowers that bloom. Spring florals are always so light, delicate & fresh.

What Flowers Bloom In Spring?

With Spring comes a natural order of flowers that bloom each and every year.  Spring brings soft, delicate, clean florals that are filled with scent & anticipation after the winter.

Snowdrops lead the way, depicting strength as they often bloom through the coldest conditions.

Blossom such as apple, quince, cherry, magnolia, prunus & spirea are the first signs of trees awakening from the Winter.

Narcissi & Paper Whites, so delicate with an explosion of scent.

Tulips, available in a vast array of colours, textures & forms to bring an element of intrigue.

Ranunculus – rose like in appearance with layers of petals.

Anenomes – luxurious daisy like petals with a burst of colour in the centre.

Hellabore – elegant blooms, ranging from shades of green to ruby.

Fritillaria – with bell-shaped, delicate petals.

Spring Wedding Bouquet Recipes

Spring flowers naturally do their own thing, they work so well together to bring out the best in each other adding structure, texture & scent.

Ingredient possibilities for a Spring Bridal Bouquet are endless. Combinations incorporate subtle, pastel shades, with delicate petals all structured in unique forms & creating natural shapes.

How Can You Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Other Areas Of Your Wedding?

Spring florals offer the opportunity to include beautiful seasonal displays throughout your wedding.

Individual bud vases let each individual flower shine.  Grouped together in the centre of a table or intermittently placed along a trestle table, in different shaped & sized vases/ bottles creates a relaxed, minimal touch to your wedding florals.

Contrastingly, to give more impact, a large vase arrangement allows you to really showcase Spring seasonal flowers, allowing them to do their own thing, providing a natural structure & shape all on their own.

Possibly my favourite, is the meadow which can be created for either a table (such as your top table) or to be positioned on the floor.  The idea is to create a meadow (it’s all in the name), which as in nature can be either abundant with flowers or more sparse.  It’s almost like bringing a small section of a field / flower patch indoors.

For me, Spring offers the best opportunity to work with & create seasonal simply beautiful wedding florals, & sitting here with the spring sunshine shining through the window, having just created a vase full of Spring gorgeousness confirms why it is definitely my favourite season. 

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you create beautiful flowers for your wedding or event then do get in touch here. I’d love to hear from you.

Julia xx